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blair makes shopping easy

i love shopping at it is so easy and convient.

Review by leola bradford (houston, TX)

Blair Shipping

Shipping is very slow

Review by Janet Whittington (Baton Rouge, LA)


Blair has great prices, and excellent customer service.

Review by Chris Waller (Erie, PA)

I love Blair!

The shipping is slow, but the products are worth the wait!! AND the sizes are what they say...they fit great!

Review by Mar (Vancouver USA, WA)


Sometimes I just go looking for something to buy.

Review by Terree Byrns (Dousman, WI)

grading Blair

I have been ordering clothes from Blair for a while now, and I am very satisfied with their business.

Review by Moira Galea (Floral Park, NY)


Blair was wonderful and understanding during the Katrina devastation of our, They gave its customers an opportunity to set arrangement and I happy doing business with them. When my packages arrive I am so excited to open my boxes. Thanks to all of you at Blair.

Review by Ruth R. smith (New Orleans, LA)

rating blair

I have shopped with blair for a long time, first by combining orders with my mother, then after she passed, I started ordering on my own. Now I have found a clearance outlet that is selling Blair clothes that are still offered on their website. I didn't find my size in everything but did find several things I had planned on ordering. And I didn't have to pay postage and handling!

Review by jae (luther, OK)

Blair Coupons

They have everthing I need for my husband to wear to work. Everyday dress clothes. Thank you Blair for making my life easier.



generally receive good service with low prices --- unfortunately this is offset by the high shipping and handling costs

Review by Elizabeth Beamer (Blacksburg, VA)

great service with blair

i never ordered anything through the mail,especially clothes but i have been very pleased and excited shopping with blair online.pleasant operators,recieving what i ordered the first time,and easy return have made someone who hates the malls start shopping again

Review by amy salamone (rio grande, NJ)


Virtual catalog excellent. Very user friendly. I enjoy the site very much.

Review by joan chessie (livermore falls, ME)


I have ordered 3 different jackets all of which were in stock at the time only to get a card 2 to 3 weeks later saying SORRY PERMENTLY OUT OF STOCK. Why does it take 2 or 3 weeks and 3 times in a row is a bit too much.

Review by Patricia (Schneider, NY)


I love to do my Blair shopping on line .I'ts so easy! Thank-you

Review by Tanya Larance (Olney, TX)


The best on-line clothing merchant. Quality abounds. Staff friendly and very helpful.

Review by Ronald Holt (Decatur, IL)


I have been ordering from Blair for over 2 years, and maybe 3 times I returnes items due to fit. I don't shop at Macy's Sears and Penny's any longer, all my clothes are bought from Blair, that also goes for my Husbands clothes and shoes. Love Blairs quaility and price. I do receive my items in 5 days from ordering, very satisfied. Janet

Review by janet (yonkers, NY)


Blair consistently fails to send all of the items in a coordinating outfit. They will lead you on, saying it is on stock on the website. Then, weeks later they will say that the order is out of stock and they won't be getting any more. Often, they ask you to be patient, promising a delivery date, then they cancel. It is annoying and aggravting and they only offer apologies. Shipping is slow, but priority shipping is offered a much higher cost. Their clothing is sized correctly and really a good value but this company cannot be counted on to deliver what they promise.

Review by Judy Keller (Milford, NH)


I have shopped many years with Blair and have never had a complaint with them. The only time I have had shipping a little later than normal was whenever I had items monogrammed which took a little longer. Their customer service is the best, fast responses to emails, quality merchandise, terrific prices! I will continue shopping with them as long as they are on the internet or send out catalogs. Blair, in my book, is a top knotched shopping place and it is my honor to be able to shop with them!

Review by Sharon Gore (Salemburg, NC)


I have been a customer for quite sometime w/ Blair and I really enjoy being able to order online. Their response and customer service is "out of this world! I just want to thank all who has made my shopping with them, so "pleasant" and easy, everytime I've ordered something. Thank you and GOD BLESS you all! Marsha

Review by Marsha Gleason (Darlington, IN)

Dependable quality

I have shopped with Blair for over 20 years. I have always recieved nothing but quality products and customer service. I have been disappointed by out of stock products, when shopping the clearance department. That's to be expected-they're clearing them out-that's what clearance means. The shipping is slower than some other places, but they're consistant and dependable & definatley worth the wait.

Review by Sandy (Cincinnati, OH)

last order

I bought a flannel lined denim skirt. The materials no longer are the same size in spite of being washed in cold water and dried on the low setting of my Maytag dryer. It is no longer usable except to wear at home. I am very disappointed, to say the least and dissatisfied with the quality of this material.

Review by Margaret A. Harris (Fulton, MO)


I discovered the Blair sight accidentally. Am I ever glad I did. So many things I needed, but I hate shopping. I have replaced the curtains in my home, bought numerous outfits for myself and have not been disappointed in a single thing I have received. Thanks Blair, I may never hit a store or mall again

Review by Beverly (Celina, TX)

No problems yet

I have purchased from Blair twice and recieved my order complete and in a timely manner. Will order again.

Review by Tiffany (Monterey Park, CA)

No robes

I started in first of December trying to get a robe. When my order came they charged me for a robe no robe, yes they gave me credit. So I reorder, I have paid for two robes now christmas has come and gone Jan has all most gone, and still no robe for my surgery on Monday. They said they were taking inventory, they say sorry, they say out of stock now. All I wanted was a robe. Blair has very nice clothes I just do not understand how this could take so long.

Review by Yvonne (Wenatchee, WA)


I think everything is good.

Review by shelley m miles (holland patent, NY)

very satisfied

i have been shopping at blair for quiet sometime now and i have returned items that after i received did not like returned with no questions asked ever I will be shopping at blair for ever

Review by kitty (ozone park, NY)


Very nice classic dressey up blouses in large sizes.

Review by Spurgen Waters (Minneapolis, MN)

A n excellent review

I have been buying Blair clothes for almost 15 years and have NEVER had a problem with anything purchased. Everything fits exactly as it is suppose to. I've never had a problem, as long as Blair is shipping, I'll be buying.

Review by Ronald Maguire (Kannapolis, NC)


I am disappointed in trying to order a pair of shoes and I can not get someone to accept my credit card from Blair. I have ordered before but with a different computer but that should dnot make a difference. I need help!

Review by Mildred J.Eklund (Duluth, MN)


I love blair because of your neat stuffs

Review by steven b. asare (bronx, NY)

best kept kinda secret friends

I love shopping with blair. The only problem I have with that need a higher credit limit:) for the clerance sales. It is like being at an auction. But do not tell nobody. I'm just telling you.

Review by Mz. (Fort Pierce, FL)


I have shopped with Blair for so many years I can't remember how long. My problem is with the bank that handles the payments. Even when I order under Mrs. Horton, sometimes they bill it to my husband, and if I have a problem they won't talk to me because of privacy issues. I ordered to day, and when I got my copy of the order on my computer, it was listed in my husband's name. I wish something could be done about this. Thank you.

Review by Mrs. Willie C. Horton (Morganton, NC)


HORRIBLE. I did not receive a bill. I called customer service to get a bill. They took off the late charge on 2/4/07 then put it back on 2/5/07. No one could help out. Every month I am being charged $29 - $15 late fee. CAN SOMEONE HELP!!!

Review by Carol Dagan (Roanoke, VA)


I order from Blair all the time. Most of the time my shipping as free as there are coupon codes for free shipping. I love the quality and the price. This is my store. Fit is accurate as well!

Review by Debra (LaPrade, FL)



Review by SANDY BARNETTE (Bay Point, CA)

Complaint - measurements

Have been ordering from Blair for about 2 years. I am between sizes now and the next size can be OK. I was quite satisfied with a PXLG pantset I ordered about 6 mnths ago. However, today I received 2 pantsets marked PXLG and they are way oversized -- the top being about 3 inches larger and the pants being oversized and too long. Return postage is expensive...

Review by Helen G Brown (Willow Street, PA)

good service

very good service

Review by wilma rice (des moines, IA)

So Glad I Found Blair

I never trusted ordering clothes on line. I even have trouble getting clothes in a store where I can try them on. So far I've been extremely pleased with the quality and sizing of the clothing I have ordered. I've found my new addiction!

Review by lynne fallone-ortiz (webster, MA)


I love the clothes I have bought from blair. They have very good quality and a very good price. I have been shopping with Blair for quite a few years and have not been disappointed

Review by georgianna (cunningham, MI)

Blair is #1

I have been a Blair customer for over 10 years and have not found one single item that I have been unhappy with. I recomend Blair to everyone I know...

Review by Earl Day (Tellico Plains, TN)


blair's prices are good but the shipping costs are totally unreasonable. also shipping is very slow and if you return anything it takes forever to get your refund applied.

Review by Mike (Nashville, TN)


I love Blair products. The qual.ity is good, styles very cute and they fit me well. Thank you Blair.

Review by Joanne Clemmens (Davenport, IA)

Order delivery

Much TOOO slow!!!

Review by Regis Murphy (Haughton, LA)


I sue hope i dont have to experence a late order,, i just made an order for a christmas gift, it says it will be here for Christmas. this is the only gift im giving my Daughter, its all she asked for. your reviews are not good on delivery times.

Review by giny white (Raytown, MO)


I ordered almost $600.00 worth of clothing for christmas gifts. I was told they would be here in a few days. I'm still waiting. Please do not disappoint me- no excuses. If they arrive after Christmas or even on Christmas Eve I'll send the full order back.

Review by sharon decant (toledo, OH)


I have ordered from Blair for more than 5 years. Service has been above par. Value for dollar spend is unbeatable. I have pick up numerous silk items during sales at absolute steals. Ordering and product returns are exceptionally easy.

Review by Eman (Berlin, OH)


Good quality, fair price, shipping a little slow, but acceptable. Getting ready to buy again

Review by G Benton (Nashua, NH)

A Classic Place to Shop

I have shopped Blair for at least 20 years, starting with placing orders by mail from their catalogs, and then switching to online purchases about 10 to 12 years ago. Blair is one of my favorites! When I receive anything I am not satisfied with, no matter the reason, they make it easy to return, exchange, adjust my account, and do it in a timely manner. They also have a number of classics that they always bring back according to the season. Many of the classics I have to simply buy when they first come out because they quickly run out of stock. But they always have a huge collection of sale and clearance items and I find that I rarely have to buy at full price. I highly recommend them and also recommend buyers take advantage of Blair's own credit account.

Review by Donna Busto (Molalla, OR)

delivery time

I so don't understand why shipping takes so-oo long!!The prices charged for shipping are OUTRAGIOUS.Great availability,however I avoid I only only order from BLAIR when not available elsewhere, or free shipping.

Review by sharon crone (moss point, MS)


I love shopping at Blair there clothes don't fade and don't lose there shape. Blair is great don't have to deal with long line and rude people.

Review by Betty Wiederhoeft (Dillsburg, PA)

shipping,customer service

I Placed an order on November 24th, here it is December 18th still have not shipped all of my order although I was told on November 25th it had already been processed whenI tried to change a size. Spoke to customer service every day for about 1&1/2 weeks was told on thee different occassions that my order was on the truck to be shipped. I guess it still is as I still have not received it. Very slow and they LIE. Can't stand to be lied to, just tell me the truth so I can make a desition. Also they do have my money. Very unhappy these are Christmas presents.

Review by Toni (Six Mile, SC)


I was about to order from Blair until I read all the reviews on shipping. What's the point of ordering if you are just waiting forever. I tried to use a free shipping code but it just kept saying "thank you for using your code" but would not apply it. I gave up and shopped elsewhere and my merchandise arrived within two weeks. Will not be ordering from Blair anytime soon.

Review by Jan (Roche, TX)

great fit

great fit for my husbands jeans, not the best quality,and shipping is slow.Cant find them anywhere else.

Review by judy j (marlboro, MA)



Review by charles martin (pinellaspark, FL)



Review by lINDA hARRELL (amBROSE, GA)

quality products, good selection

I have been shopping with Blair for 4 years. I always get fast shippping, good e mail offers and quality products. A great way to shop and save.

Review by Tom (Dayton, NJ)

Blair Review

I have been pleased with Blair products. I was looking for mens pants/jeans with elastic waist and they have a nice selection.

Review by Tina Hendricks (Staunton, VA)


I have shopped Blair for a long time - the clothes for the most part are very good for the money. Shipping is SLOW though.

Review by Carol (Charlestown, RI)


I love shopping at Blair, I love their clothing! However, this last time I was disappointed. When I accepted a coupon for free shipping, I was enrolled in \"Blair Rewards\" without my knowledge (no small print - no nothing - it was just done). Some reward! They were going to charge my credit card $12.50 each month for more coupons! Thus the low overall rating. Sorry, Blair. I thought you and I were friends, but this was sneaky and I don\'t appreciate it.

Review by Violet (Toler, No)


I forgot to put the code on my order for an item. I wrote to Blair and they were kind enough to take the postage off anyway. I was impressed that they cared.Good PR goes a long way!

Review by Liz (Centerville, UT)

Good Value

I find Blair to have good value for the money. Sometimes the quality is a little lacking, that is why it is important to read the reviews on any item you want to order. I find they have excellent service, I don't know what people are talking about when they say the shipping is slow. I go on line, order something, get a confirmation email, an email when the items ship and I usually get it within one week with standard shipping. So no complaints here!!

Review by Mamie Courchaine (Gardner, MA)

Apparel/Home Items

Extremely Poor Quality. Would recommend not buying.

Review by Donna (Morristown, TN)


I have shopped with Blair for many years. My biggest complaint is the SLOW shipping. Other on-line companies seem to deliver MUCH faster. Don't know what their problem is with shipping. I hate to wait forever to get what I have ordered!! Also,I can order XL size from other companies and the charge is the same as S-L. Blair always charges much more for XL. This has stopped me from ordering many many times.

Review by Sandra Bankhard (Bethlehem, PA)

Blair slow shipping complaints

Blair has some pretty good bargains so I shop to save money. If I need something right now I go to Target.

Review by Carolyn Hornbeck (Kent, WA)

witholding credits to my account

People should know of the scam being run by Blair when they are witholding credits on returned mechandising. They are not reachable for days at a time and 20 to 30 minutes on the phone. Theyare generating finance charges unfairly by not posting credit for returns months after being received. For these reasons I urge all account holders to beware and wisely CLOSE your credit account with Blair...IMMEDIATELY!!!

Review by anthony (marino, NY)





I always get great service at Blair. The phone reps are my best friends! You need to shop smart on computers. Read reviews! Please realize different clothes makers run different in their sizes. Shipping is no different from other online companies. Look for the bargains! When shopping around holidays you must order early. You are not the only person out their ordering. I love Blair and I order all the time!

Review by charlotte (san deigo, CA)


I always get great service at Blair. The phone reps are my best friends! You need to shop smart on computers. Read reviews! Please realize different clothes makers run different in their sizes. Shipping is no different from other online companies. Look for the bargains! When shopping around holidays you must order early. You are not the only person out there ordering. I love Blair and I order all the time!

Review by charlotte (san deigo, CA)

;anything in the catalogue

I have been a catalogue customer for so many years I cannot begin to count them. I have moved 7 times and always have had my blair catalogue with me. about 1/2 of my clothing selectons have come from blair and I have always been satisfied with them 100%

Review by Laverne Williams (Hutchinson, KS)

customer service!

Your customer service is apalling! When trying to check on shipping of an order (which was placed three weeks previously!) NO ONE ANSWERED THE PHONE...even after waiting almost fifteen minutes! THAT IS NO WAY TO DO BUSINESS! TAKE ME OFF YOUR MAILING LIST. From now on, if I receive any, your catalogs will go in the trash!

Review by Irene Gabriel (Columbia, MD)


Their quality is not the best, and shipping is very slow.

Review by Robert L. Macchia (West Babylon, NY)

on- line ordering

What has happened? I have ordered on line for several years with no problems. Now I can never get my order when I order. It is taking forever. My order has,in the past ,came in less than a week, now I am lucky to receive it in a month. I am talking about IN STOCK ITEMS. It your system wasn\\\'t BROKE WHY change it.

Review by Jeriel Pack (Petersburg, TN)


Just received my seersucker baseball blouses, and I'm extremely pleased with the quality & price. Only one problem - shipping is so slow. Emailed customer service once for help. Their attitude was really like "you'll get it when you get it." I was really surprised at that.

Review by Kathy (Dobbs Ferry, NY)

Slow Shipping

I am getting to the point where i am disgusted with Blair shipping. My first order 4/15/09,My second order 05/07/19.All email replys state the orders are in shipping and will be shipped in a few days.Dont look good for Blair shipping.

Review by norm sheffield (selmer, TN)

cutomer service

i returned an order 5 wks. ago,trying to view my account online to no avail.calling does not work eiether.customer service is a joke

Review by rose laffey (columbia, SC)

Online order

Our records show that order 71603502 has been canceled. The items on that order are no longer available. Order 72057532 is also no longer available. We do apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. We look forward to hearing from you in the future.( After 2 mo telling me my order is in shipping and on the way.. So dont expect to get your good deal from Blair. This is it for me goodbye Blair.

Review by norm sheffield (selmer, TN)

Blair complaints

I am amazed at the complaints about slow shipping. I track mine on e-mail and never wait more than a week. Maybe it\'s where you live. Shipping cost to Fl isn\'t that bad. I have en\'t so far had a problem with the bank on my charges. I returned something and Blair took it off the charge. Me I am happy with Blair. I never called they didn\'t answer the phone and curteous too.

Review by Doris Hutchinson (Inverness, FL)


I have had a lot of problems with knit tops from Blair. Once they are washed they get shorter and shorter and bigger around. They don't seem to hold their shape.They could also be longer-many are too short to begin with.

Review by Sandy Smith (Williamsport, PA)

Dress shirts

In 1949 and 1950 I was in high school and wore dress shirts purchased from the New Process Co. (now called Blair) almost everyday. They were sent out to a laundry that used heavy starch. They were always breaking the buttons. I was the only kid in the class that wore such shirts and I loved them. My shirt purchases in the last few years proves that Blair uses better buttons today!!

Review by Jack Ward (Monticello, IN)

Poor Service

I was billed for $14.99 due on an order. I sent a check for $14.99 and Blair billed me again saying they did not get my check. So to save time, I sent another check and when my statement came in I found they had received and cashed both checks. I tried to call Blair and they kept putting me on hold. About 30 minutes later I gave up! I sent a scan of my two cashed checks by email asking them to refund the balance due me of $14.99 for the double billing and the message I received was, "Your order has been shipped." There was no mention of the refund due me and I had not even asked about an order shipping date. I sent another email and they are slow to reply to email. I have found shipping time slow also. I have been a customer for many years and considered a PRIORITY CUSTOMER and Blair is not giving me the dependable service they used to give. I am disappointed in the service I have been receiving for some time now! However, I have been pleased with most of their merchandise.

Review by Testaview Payne (Berlin Heights, OH)


Prices are right, finally found a jean to fit right!!! altho they have NOT resolved a lost order yet, I am pleased with everything else.

Review by Deb Bouwkamp (Molt, MT)

lenght of pants

I have been ordering clothes from Blair for over 40 years. The only complaint I have is that I am short and would like the slacks to come in Petite short. My lenght is 25.5 inches and the shortest Blair has is 28 inches. Hemming them makes them look bad.

Review by Joan Beckner (Swartz Creek, MI)

on-line ordering

Am I the only one having trouble with their cart? I haven't been able to use my cart for months. They don't seem able to fix this and it annoys me because I am one of their best customers.

Review by Susan Hiza (Tampa, FL)




Bad support service

Earlier this year I purchased a pair of shoes. Within 6 days the shoestrings broke. I phoned, asking for replacement of the shoestrings. I was told they couldn't do it because they no longer carried that shoe. However, that same shoe has been in Blair catalogs ever since. I feel lied to.

Review by J. Keith Cook (Omaha, NE)


I buy alot from Blair but wishing they had pants for Talls 29 1/2 is too short for me everything I have bought were their best. I have shopped for many years.

Review by Joan (Albertville, MN)

great service

I have ordered from Blair for years and have always had good service. I have to say the shipping is slow at times. I have no complaints.

Review by Shirley (Meadow Creek, WV)


i ordered a pr of botany 500 men's oxfords. my size is 11d. i was not even able to get my foot into this shoe. the shoes were 11d.

Review by benedict maina (baldwinsville, NY)

Prices don't match

I love shopping at Blair, but they offered a skirt in the catalog for 8.99, but was offered on line for 12.99. I had to order on-line to get free shipping, but wasn't going to pay more than was was offered in the catalog.

Review by Ruth (Springfield, MO)

Good Stuff

I do a lot of my work and casual clothes shopping at Blair. Quality is good and prices and promotions are great!

Review by Lol (Dayville, CT)

Statis if an order,placed today.

I just want to say I placed an order today( I think he said his name was Terry) with the most ruddest person I;ve ever dealt with.He didn\'t want to give me free shipping(of which it plainy statede) so I said cancel the order,so he finally said he would give it to me.Than he wanted to sell me a dozen other things I did not want,He was so rude I finally hung up on him.So I guess thats the last order(if it gets shipped) I will be placing with Blair.

Review by myrtle womac (Riceville, TN)


The shipping is the absolute worst.The quality of clothing is adequate. Again, their shipping is so bad it takes all the fun out of experience.

Review by murray (Cherry Hill, NJ)

shipping charges

Recent catalogues sent to me waived shipping and handling fees. My latest one didn't but since I was going to place a sizeable order I asked customer service if they could be waived. She said no. I did not order by phone. I went on-line and placed my order with a free shipping offer that was available for the same goods I was denied it on the phone. What a run-around! The shiiping fees are extremely high for the quality of goods this company offers. I am very selective on what I purchase from Blair and only do it when there is a sale and shipping fees are waived.

Review by Mary Hermann (Emmaus, PA)

Overall review

I have shopped at Blair for many years, and they generally give good quality for the money. And since it is difficult to find clothes where I live, I find catalog shopping convenient. However, too often they are out of stock and have to back order. Sometimes the backorder comes when they say it will and sometimes it does not. I get tired of being able to get only some of the things I see in the catalog, and would like to have. Most recently, I wanted to order shoes from Blair, but they do not carry narrow sizes. Why?

Review by Mildred L. Caldwell (Emporia, KS)

FedEX and UPS

You need to offer shipping by FedEX and UPS to people in Alaska and Hawaii. We have both and sometimes need things faster than US Postal mail. It is important!!

Review by Era Dennis (Anchorage, AK)


I checked the web site and Blair had the shoes I they didn't, also entered a code for free shipping. So here I am without my money for the shoes and they ignored the shipping code. Blair has my money and refuse to answer on their web site. I want customer service not getting the shaft.

Review by Althea Klosterman (Bonduel, WI)


I ordered two in stock.items. Only one item was shipped, the paperwork that came with the item shipped said the other item was out of stock - Now they tell me, Paying full shipping on one item made it expensive. - Buyer beware with Blair

Review by anne reeve (hiawassee, GA)

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