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DirecTV User Reviews

direcTV is for cool people

do u like TV? then you'll love directv. its like TV on steroids. once you do the directv installation, ur hooked up with more channels then you can possibly watch. but if your like me, u make time to watch them all at some point :) if u really want to be hardcore, get the directv dvr with tivo, that way you dont ever have to miss anything. it records everything for u really easy, and you can keep it stored until you want to delete it...which could be like 2 years from now. its great. honestly, i think my directv is my best friend, and getting the directv installation was like having a child for the first time- ur life just changes. so whatever, do what u want. i have to go finish watching last week's family guy...

Review by Jeff (Lincoln, NE)

way better than digital cable

i used to have digital cable through adelphia and it was nowhere near as good as the programming and service i get through directv. first off, my directv dvr system is leaps and bounds better than the previous dvr box i had through adelphia. combining the superior tivo user interface and features with digital satellite technology of my directv system has given me a rewarding tv experience. no more buggy adelphia dvr software, no more ?digital quality? channels that don?t seem that clear to me, and no more crappy customer service that makes me run through hoops before i actually get to talk to a live human. directv just works exactly as advertised, 100% digital quality satellite tv that?s far more affordable than cable. when i purchased my directv system i was able to get a complete 3-room system with a tivo dvr for only $50 after rebate with free installation. most cable companies will charge $90-130 for their professional installations, not to mention the continuously rising taxes and surcharges that always pop up on your monthly bill. i?ve been a directv customer for over 1 year and i couldn?t be happier with my service.

Review by anonymous (Harrisburg, PA)

Directv with TiVo takes television to the next level

Honestly, Directv is incredible. When I ordered the directv installation I really didn't know what I was getting into. Yes, I knew it meant more channels. But over 100? Wow. The best part is that they are all digital quality, so there is never an issue with the picture. I can't even imagine being on basic cable, let alone on the antenna. It's like the difference between a bicycle and taking a plane, just no comparison. The only problem is that there is too much, which is why the Directv dvr is really handy, since you can use it to record anything that you may have missed. Also don't forget your subscription to Directv TiVo- it's really not that expensive, which is great. They make a great system which allows you to record anything at anytime, and keep it for as long as you like. Directv is just amazing.

Review by Jerry (Phoenix, AZ)

DirecTV rules!

Great service and programming. Switched from cable over 5 years ago and I have never looked back. DirecTV is simply the best in digital satellite TV service.

Review by Wesley (Charlotte, NC)

Football Heaven

Other cable and digital satellite providers offer sports packages that allow you to watch NBA, MLB and College Football games from all over the country, but only DirecTV offers the Sunday Ticket NFL package. Take it from me, you will never watch the NFL the same way again after buying the Sunday Ticket. I live in the LA area and the local CBS and Fox channels usually show Raiders and Chargers games even though LA doesn?t have a football team. Now I can watch my favorite team (the Philadelphia Eagles) every week and never miss a single game. Also, you can download Game Tracker and DirecTV will real-time scores and updates for every game so that I can switch to whichever game has the most exciting action. And since I have a DVR DirecTV system, I can automatically download NFL highlights of every single game and watch them on demand whenever I want! If you ask me, Sunday Ticket is definitely worth the high price tag. Unlike the other sports packages, you end up getting ton more for your money than just watching the games on TV.

Review by Geoff (Lawrence, KS)

Go read a book

Just kidding! DirecTV rocks! Whether you're a TV junkie or just the casual watcher, DirecTV is the way to go. Go ahead, pay for that DirecTV installation. You'll love it. You like sports? Movies? Weird shows you never imagined were real? Then you'll love DirecTV. And you'll especially love DirecTV DVR, with the TiVo feature. It can record anything you want, whenever you want. You don't like it? Delete it. Love it? Save it for years. DirecTV TiVo might be the greatest idea anyone has ever had since the cavemen knocked two stones together and made fire. Directv installation is easy and affordable, and it will rock your world. Just go do it, trust me.

Review by Isaac (Portland, OR)

service rating

terrible communication when trying to get a rep to assist in a problem. Very satisfied with the product though.

Review by jeff mcdonald (sulligent, AL)

No deals for "old" customers

DirecTV has been a good product over the years. I'm going on 12+ years and I am happy with it. Me biggest complaint is they never have any deals for "old" customers. It's always the new ones that get the breaks. How about ponying up and give the people that made you what you our a deal for once!!!

Review by roger (hudson, WI)

A Lot of Hot Air!

DirecTV runs a lot of misleading ads, like their digital picture and sound and their great customer service. The truth is the only way you will get digital picture and sound is with a HDTV and a HDMI cable. Their picture quality is actually worse than what I had with Comcast. Plus anytime you upgrade, they will try to lock you into a new two year agreement. They think they are in the cellphone business.

Review by wayne (fort lauderdale, FL)

they can be sketchy at times!

i have been with DirecTV now a little under 2 years now and have had a pretty good run until recently. My equipment is an old Tivo (HR-10) and has been on its last leg. it somehow turns itself off at times for no apparent reason. i called the so called "Best" costumer service and talked with a machine for about 10 minutes then was put on hold for nearly an hour. when i finally talked with someone with a pulse they could not single out my problem. i was then transfered to another department holding for another 20 minutes. finally they decided to send someone out to tell me that my box was old and i would have to upgrade in order to fix my problem that would ultimately cost me 300 bucks. i asked to speak with a manager (you guessed it, another wait!) and he told me that he would take 15$ off the next bill. as nice as that is i would much rather have my equipment upgraded at a discounted price instead of what us so called members have to pay!

Review by butch (austin, TX)

DirecTV referral network

My fiance loves his DirecTV. And in case you didn't know, they offer $50 off your DirecTV bill when you sign up and reference any account number as your referral (mine is #80885851). DirecTV credits your account $10 for 5 months! A friend referred me and I benefited, so now I am referring anyone else. This offer expires 10/31/08. Go to or call 1-866-443-8869 to sign up. Right now, they are offering FREE standard professional installation of a 4â??room DIRECTV® System and FREE DIRECTV DVR OR HD receiver upgrade. Hope you enjoy! :)

Review by Tina (Middletown, CT)


Directv is the worst company for not caring about it's customers. They are always raising their prices and customer service is very rude. They have no rewards for their long term, loyal customers.

Review by m. jones (newport, TN)

No deals for old customers II

I like DirectTV. Service & Products. I feel the same way how about the customers who have been with you for years giving them special deals, too.

Review by Bea Moss (Indianapolis, IN)

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