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JC Whitney User Reviews

Poor Customer Service

I order for JC Whitney last 3 weeks they say I would recieve it after 4-7 working days. After 7 days nothing arrives, made phone call the person I talk to said that there was just a delay. after three days of waiting again nothing arrives made a phone call and asked if they can track the item, but same alibis was given to me. After another week and many phone calls, I wanted to cancel the product I ordered but it arrive the same day. Really terrible service!!

Review by George (Clinton, IA)

poor sevice

Order was on backorder and never notified of it untill I called 3 weeks later. waited 2 more weeks had to call again. after they gave me the runaround for the 2nd time, I canceled my order. nows it's been 2 more weeks and money has not been credited back on my credit card, and I'm still getting the run around with them. Overall spend the money to get the part at a local store and save yourself the hassel.

Review by Smith (Carlson, CA)

good enough

My boyfriend and I ordered a replacement oxygen sensor for our Camry from the site.. The site did put higher prices on the parts it offers, but delivery and shipping were pretty good, as the part wasn't damaged. :) We'd probably shop here again, if the customer support improves a bit.

Review by Polly Prince (Phoenix, AZ)


My boyfriend and I ordered new headlights for our Camry from the site.. The parts we originally wanted were unavailable, so we had to call customer support for the other options. It was an almost half-hour conversation; the representative seemed inadequately-informed. But delivery and shipping were excellent. We might shop here again if the service improves.

Review by Sophie Fisher (Phoenix, AZ)

bad experience

My review is like the rest you will see here. JCWHITNEY is the worst on line business ever. I ordered from their website, which was inaccurate, so I got the wrong parts. So I called the toll free and explained they had inaccurate info on the web page. The guy (sounded like Indian or Pakistani)said no problem and sent me the exact same wrong part again. I sent back both parts in early April. Had to threaten with A.G. to get one refund, and am now threatening again to get second refund. I knew something was screwy when they told me that returned parts come in a semi-truck which is unloaded back to front and my part could be in front, delaying my refund. Who in hell sells so many bad parts they need a semi to haul them all?

Review by george (Clinton, Iowa, IA)


Got a new fender here upon reading their review online. Regretted it immediately. Checked other online stores it was more expensive and it took forever to ship. One week turned into three.

Review by Kesiah (reseda, CA)


I so found my experience shopping here to be a waste of time and money... They didn't get my order right at first so I had to call and correct them, then they took a heck of a long time to deliver a fender to a few cities away? What is that?

Review by Anna James (reseda, CA)

Oh no.

I really didn't get what I wanted. The part I wanted was available on their website but when I tried to order it I was told it was out of stock like a month ago. You'd think they'd update their website but no.. So i ordered something different but to my dismay it took forever to get to my house. Ugh. Will never order from here again. Wasted time and money.

Review by Kevin Hill (Reseda, CA)

not good

jcwhitney lacks in good service. everytime i do transactions with them, the process is always slow and late. jcwhitney is one of the bad online retailer i've encountered.

Review by rogerbarry (new york, NY)

horrible service

horrible service..they tell you they have the product but they can't ship the product just on time because they are not in their stock. they just say that they'll ship it but nothing will arrive.

Review by arnold09 (CLEVELAND, OH)


I was waiting for over a month for my order, and when I called them to follow it up, the parts were out of stock! I wanted to cancel my order and refund my money but I knew that would take longer, so I'm still waiting for my order.

Review by Sam Hobbes (Phoenix, AZ)

avoid this!

I don't think this site is recommendable for online shopping. I've just experienced an undesirable incident with its customer service representative. She has this intolerable manner of assisting her caller, she was kind of arrogant and sarcastic in her manner of speaking -- and I hate it. Customers are always right and deserve to be treated nicely. We pay for the service they give through our purchases. So, as much as possible try to be as friendly and accommodating to clients because an unsatisfied customer equals a loss in a company. Aren't they trained how to transact with their customers? If not, well, I guess they should undergo one right this moment!

Review by Ethan Lee (Chester, NJ)

worst online shopping experience... ever!

Definitely one of the worst online shopping experience I had. JC Whitney's customer service is very bad. Imagine, I ordered from them TWICE (I can't believe I ordered from them again after the first incident) and in both instances , I received incomplete sets of auto parts. It took them 2 MONTHS to resend the lacking parts. Obviously, they're not cut to do business online.

Review by Todd (Atlanta, GA)

poor service

I didn't have a good experience with the site. I dont know if it is just the employee or the whole company. The guy i talked to wasn't courteuos. And He made me feel dumb about cars. I dont know much about it, but i think a little courtesy would be helpful.

Review by jacqmoore (New york city, NY)

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