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Medifast Diet User Reviews

I'm Hooked

Which is a good thing. I started with the Medifast Promotional Package as listed on their website for women, and it was so painless and easy that I decided to stick with it. I've already started seeing results, but even better I feel great.

Review by Janet (Raleigh, NC)

How long?

Ive been doing the Medi Fast Diet for weeks no and I havent seen any changes! Im wondering if Im doing it wrong or if it doesnt work...

Review by Hilary (Fort Collins, CO)


ive had diabetes pretty much all my life...the medifast plan for diabetics is a really great way to manage my diet...ive always had trouble with that and this way i feel like i have a nutritionist on my side.

Review by Dan (Twin Falls, ID)

Medifast Diet

I have been doing the diet for 10 days and have lost 9lbs. I am a believer! The first round of food you get is pre selected if you order a package, but then you can decide what you like and order. Stick to it, it works!

Review by Melissa (Derby, KS)

I am a believer

I have been on Medifast for two weeks and have lost an average of a pound a day! I have a lot to lose, so that may account for the amount I've dropped since I've started. Most of the food is quite tasty and with 5 Medifast meals and one "lean and green" meal to eat each day, I am not going hungry. On the contrary, most days I find it a challenge to actually eat all six meals.

Review by Pilar (Lomita, CA)

Medifast Diet

THis is the first diet that actually works. You have to actually do what the program says to make the diet work. Finally I can fit into my old jeans.

Review by Margerie (Twin Falls, ID)

Medifast WORKS

Today is day one of week 12. I am down 50+ lbs. My menstrual cycle is back to normal, my knees and feet don't hurt, I haven't had my migraine meds in 10 weeks and no headache! Some of the food is great, some you just gulp down quickly but the results are so worth it! Delivery is timely, there is always a coupon available, delivery is free on orders over 200$ and customer service is great. I highly recommend the product.

Review by R. Nelson (Ponderay, ID)

Medifast Diet

I've been on the diet for 8 weeks and have lost over 30 pounds, and I was not always faithful to the diet (I cheeted 1 day a week on the weekend). I have gone down 3 full sizes, i feel great, and I never felt hungry, and my craving for sweets has disappeared.

Review by Debby (Prospect Harbor, ME)

This really does work!

This diet is great! The first few days were really difficult, but after the third day I started feeling good and I was no longer starving to death. I even have to remind myself to eat my meals. I have loss 21 pounds in 13 dyas and I'm ecstatic! You just have to try it. I like the french vanilla shake with flat rootbeer, blend it with three ice cubes and you've got a rootbeer float.

Review by Sheila Bullock (Chicago, IL)




only 3 days

I ordered the sample packs and have lost 5 lbs in 3 days. I am so excited to be on my wt. loss journey finally.

Review by Cami (Humboldt, TN)


its good topic

Review by Jack (NY, )


I lost over 250 lbs on medifast in 1995 going from 460 to 200 in less then a year . But problem with all these supplement fast diets is over 5 years I gained it all back plus 20 lbs more and am now 480.The body compensates after fast diets and you always gain it all back plus more as body trys to protect itself . Fat cells have good memories !

Review by Steve (Wichita, )


Excellent program. Does exactly what it says it will. Simple, healthy, effective, fast. Great customer support, good deals, and excellent online support. MF rocks!

Review by J (RC, CO)

This is not the 90's Medifast

The reviewer below who gave it 2 stars because he gained back the weight he lost in 1995 is not reviewing the Medifast plan that you get on their website now. It is nutritionally balanced, healthy and NOT a liquid fast. It is the best, most effective diet I have ever used and I know I will maintain my losses forever with the tools I have learned. I wish I could give 10 stars! (It is also not at all expensive when you realize that you are getting the food, the support, all the supplements for the price of just the food.)

Review by Vie (Indianapolis, IN)


I lost aprox 20-25 pounds in one month on Medifast. The food does not taste great so you have to get usd to it. U have to know what to order and what not to order because there are certain things that are terrible (ex. oatmeal) Otherwise i loved this diet b.c i could see real results. It was hard at in the begining to stick to eat because the portions are so tiny. But after 1 week you get used to eat and it becomes a routine. OVer all i liked it. I have to get back to it b.c havnt been on it in one month and gained weight again...

Review by Julia (Brooklyn, NY)

So far so good...

I have been on the Medifast diet for 11 days now and have lost 11 lbs. I am not hungry and am feeling very good. If the weight loss continues like this I will be thrilled. I know it is a challenge to keep the weight off once you loose it, but that is true for every diet. I am looking forward to my Mint Chocolate Bar this evening!

Review by Noreen (Somewherein, NJ)


I have been on MF now for two weeks and have lost 12 pounds. I feel great, have more energy and am NOT hungry. I have to remind myself to eat! I look forward to reaching my goal weight - thank you MF!

Review by Ann (Slidell, LA)

Amazing diet plan

I have yo yo'ed on so many diets for the last several years and failed. Medifast works! I lost about 28lbs in my first 10 weeks.

Review by Jamie Sisk (Valdese, NC)

best medifast coupons

The Medifast program is the one to choose if you are interested in better health and losing weight.

Review by dora (LA, CA)

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