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I made an order through Miles Kimball and got my confirmation email. I thought I'd see if it was shipped yet a few days later and their web site said I didn't have an order. I called their customer service number and after waiting for ten minutes on hold I finally got a person. After 2 tries to find out what was wrong, it turned out that may credit card had been declined. Now, I've used that card before and since ordering through them, so I know it's good. Customer service said that they sent me a letter about it, but I haven't received it yet. Why when oredering online would then send snail mail instead of email? If it was my mistake by typing in the wrong number or theirs for decling a good card, I'll never know, because of the delay. I can't wait for over a week without knowing I'm not getting something this close to Christmas. I'll never do business with them again.

Review by Tom (Ramsey, MN)

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