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Find applicants

I used to find my HR job and now I use it to help my company find great candidates. We use other online job boards but Monster regularly brings in the best candidates.

Review by Michelle (Westwood, CA)

Recruiters read Monster

I posted my resume on Monster and got lots of e-mails from recruiters.

Review by Tom (Portland, OR)

Monster is Great

I just used to find a new hire at our company, and it worked out great. I found that the level of applicants were much higher than at other sites, like craigslist and HotJobs. I would definitely recommend it first.

Review by Janine (Muncie, IN)

Nice Job

i found my current job on and i love it. there is a lot of garbage on there, but the good stuff is really great.

Review by Martin (St. Louis, MO)

I like it

Monster was easy to use and fast. Would use it again

Review by Wendy Simms (Tampa, FL)

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