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Weight Watchers User Reviews

Finally, the right plan

It's been kind of a struggle to find a weight loss plan that not only has helped me in losing weight, but was practical enough that I wouldn't have to be miserable doing it. Of everything I tried, the weight loss plan I found with Weight Watchers gave me that balance. I was able to start losing weight immediately, but at the same time could still enjoy food (and life) like I always did. I've tried many different plans, and the one I found here is by far the best. I know how difficult it is losing weight, and I think any plan that helps curb that difficulty is worth looking into. The thing you should look for above all else: a weight loss plan that helps in losing weight but will not detract from your happiness.

Review by Diane (Sunnyvale, CA)

This is it? Overrated.

I don't get it. I want to start losing weight, I really do. I have looked at weight loss plan after weight loss plan. I know Weight Watchers is like the most popular one out there, and maybe for some it does help in losing weight. But come on- the food is nothing special. The point system is stupid. I want to lose weight, not walk around with a calculator counting points. I was skeptical when I looked at their weight loss plan, but when I found some Weight Watchers coupons I was convinced to at least give it a try. Hey, if it helps me to lose weight it can't be all bad. While it wasn't all bad, it definitely wasn't all good either. I much rather have a Big Mac in peace than take a math test everytime I'm hungry.

Review by Vincent (Buffalo, NY)

Nobody said it was easy

Okay, I'm sorry, but I have to respond to the last review on here. The weight loss plans on Weight Watchers might not be the greatest for everyone, but losing weight is hard. It is not easy. Finding a weight loss plan that works for you is a real struggle, and then once you find it, you still have to start losing the weight! The last guy who posted on here is right- who wouldn't enjoy a Big Mac in peace! But that isn't the point. The point is to lose the weight. And that is going to take at least a little discipline. The points system is not like a math test, it is actually really easy and convenient. And anyway, they have other plans where you don't use the points system. Weight Watchers is the one company that seems to understand the difficulties of losing weight and gives options to help you along. I'm sorry, but if you are not ready to lose weight, then you won't, no matter what plan you choose. But for those who us who are, I really think one of the weight loss plans from Weight Watchers is the way to go.

Review by Jenny (Kansas City, KS)

It works

I love weight watchers. It's the only plan I've done where the guilt of having a bad day does not throw me off course. The very next day or week or month I get it togther and get the ball rolling again. I've lost 65 pounds in 3 years time and it feels great!

Review by Natboo (New York, NY)

You have to choose

When I first joined weight watchers I thought man this is great no limiations only points to count. It was great I lost 8lbs in a week you have to choose either to be healthy or be miserable and overweight. I chose weightwatchers its a great program and support meetings are wonderful. Give it a try. Thanks weightwatchers!

Review by Sheila (Princeton, AK)


Just wanted to add a note about Weight Watchers. I have lost 105 pounds on the weight watchers program. What is more important is that my health has improved and I feel so much better. The plan is wonderful if you really follow it and it is flexible and can be adapted to any lifestyle. I am a nurse and work long hours so I know. The point system allows you to be able to eat "normal" food even from restaurants and stay within the program. Granted you soon find out what is worth the points and what is not. I have been a member for almost 3 years and I love Weight Watchers. Thanks for listening.

Review by Amber (Atlanta, GA)

Weight watchers

Weight Watchers is the best plan I have ever tried. Once you sign up you dont have to worry about the sign up fee and the price drops even more. I don't have to worry about calorie counting. THe computer finds all the points and adds and saves them all.

Review by Angie (Toledo, OH)

is it just me...

or is this the most easiest diet plan in the world? I don't count points on my program choice but am entitled to extra points for dessert--something I haven't enjoyed in a long time! Even I can count up to one for an ice cream sandwich!!Thanks W/W

Review by patricia thompson (philadelphia, PA)

Weight Watchers online

I tried the Weight Watchers classes a few times. They worked for my sister but I just couldn't get into the rhythm. Then I tried the Weight Watchers online program and it worked for me! THANK YOU sooooooooo much!

Review by Carolyn (Portsmouth, MA, AK)

Great Diet

Weight watchers is great. I love the support.

Review by Darcy (Seattle, AK)




Lifetime Member

I started Weight Watchers in Jan. 1972 when I was pregnant with twins. I have been a lifetime member since May 1972. I know that this program has helped me maintain my weight through out the years. Sometimes it's hard not eat all the goodies and treats but I have to decide what I want more, good health or those extra pounds. Weight Watchers makes me very aware of the things I eat.

Review by Nancy Smith (Amalga, UT)

point system

I've been to weight watcher's at least 3 times, and I'm going back again because no matter what I try WW is the best and you can use whats in your cupboard. my only problem is the points . i was lossding until I' had to lower my points but I"M going to try again maybe even try the flex way , but what ever way I"m going back and try again . if I can lose any one can . I'll keep you updated on my progress, I really need this.

Review by kathy varre (bridgeport, NY)


I started WW in January of this year. its mid July now and I just hit my 50 lb mark. After you get used to the point system its easy and kinda insires you to make good choices in your food intake. It is well worth the money and time it take to count points. My hubby loves my slimmer body almost as much as I do, and I still have 50 lbs to go. Its given me a new lease on life, and love. But remember any diet is only as good as what you are willing to stick to. But I have found WW to be the easiest.

Review by Marci (Florence, OR)

this plan works

Mr. Vincent above hasn't done his homework. You have to understand how a diet works before you can criticize it. All foods are allowed with Weight Watchers--even Big Macs. But you are responsible for what you eat. If you eat a Big Mac today, you have to be very careful and eat lower-fat foods tomorrow (or yesterday). Mr. Vincent seems to want to have his Big Mac and eat cake, too. If you use the computer or one of the little Weight Watchers calculators, no math is involved. The technology does the math for you. I tried South Beach and other diets, and this is the only one that has worked. If you don't like keeping track of the points, there are other plans within Weight Watchers that don't involve counting. Try the diet before you decide to agree with Mr. Vincent.

Review by June (San Diego, CA)




Weight Loss

I like the stucture and the ease of use

Review by Susan (Phoenix, AZ)

Vincent, Buffalo

I was sorry to read that you wanted the Big Mac more than losing the extra pounds. In Weight Watchers, you can do both, but you must be accountable for what you eat...every day. If you eat the Big Mac, then the rest of the day you eat very sensible, healthy food.

Review by Gert (Cincinnati, OH)

Back With Vigor

I am a Lifetime member, who quit going to meetings, who quit counting points and quit fitting into her clothes. I prayed and prayed for something to happen to motivate me to do something - anything and then one day I woke up and said, "I'm going back to WW, with a whole new attitude, a new motivation and I did it before and I'll for sure hang in there and do it again. Only this time I plan on following through with my meetings and points after I reach my goal.

Review by E. Karl (Wesley Chapel, FL)

It works if you work it

I just had to put my two cents worth in. Unlike the poster who would rather have a Big Mac in peace, I'd rather be able to walk my dogs for an hour a day without huffing and puffing! Sure, a Big Mac would be fine, but I'm almost 60 years old. I've been in lousy shape since forever. I've lost weight before, but never been able to keep it off. I've even done WW a time or two. Why it's different this time...I'm not sure. May have something to do with my age, and wanting to be able to continue to walk on my own two feet in ten years. I'm just starting my 6th week and I've lost 12.4 pounds so far. Doesn't sound like much, but my clothes are fitting more loosely and I like that. I'm also able to walk the dogs for a longer period of time without gasping for breath. That right there is worth more than all the Big Macs in the world! I just want to say that Weight Watchers is NOT A DIET! WW is about learning to make better food choice, for a healthier lifestyle. So far, I just know that it works if you work it, and counting points helps me to focus on exactly what I'm putting in my mouth, and I can plan my points so that I can still have my ice cream at night. Hang in there! It works if you work it!

Review by Phoenix (Visalia, CA)

I love Weight Watchers

After reading the post from the person that would like to have a Big Mac when they want I had to say something! The cool thing about Weight Watchers is that you can have that Big Mac as long as you stay within your daily points. You won\'t stick to any plan until you commit yourself to losing the weight and getting healthy. Weight watchers is the only program where I don\'t feel so restricted. I think it is fabulous. I have been going at it on my own for far too long. I am ready for permanent results. I am starting with Weight Watchers again today. It was not the program that made me stop using it, it was me. I was not disciplined enough to stick with it. Today I\'m a different person and I am ready to dive back in. If you can commit yourself (I\'m talking to everyone), it is a wonderful program. After a while, counting the points becomes second nature.

Review by Tanisha Triplett (Waldorf, MD)

WW works

If you work the program and learn about food it works. Other programs that I will not mention teach you to open boxes of food and pay the bill. Not very realistic for the long term.

Review by MaryEllen (Atlanta, GA)


I've tried it all, and Weight Watchers is the way to go. I've already lost 100 lbs., and I know the rest is going to come off because it's going to come off. Do love yourself and Weight Watchers for it.

Review by Ernesto Carreon (Corpus Christi, TX)

Weight Watchers

Weight Watchers is great. If that guy took a little time to figure the plan out, it is so much better than calories and exchanges. I have been on it and I lose weight. The encouragment and accountability is what makes this a winner.

Review by Mary (Grimshaw, CA)

OnLine Program

I have been a lifetime member of WW since 1986 and have seen the program make many wonderful changes. I am a new widow and am having trouble with my weight. I lost after my hubby died, but now I am comfort eating. Being a nurse and working a job and a half, I haven\'t been on any food program. This time the OnLine program seems to be the way for me to go. I wish you all the best and remember, is a moment on the lips worth forever on the hips?

Review by wanda (jackson, MS)

weight watchers

WW rocks, it is a heart healthy life style and is easy to follow, they teach you about making smart choices and the food is great. Lost 60 lbs over 3 yrs ago and still keeping it off. This is a life style change not a diet, and I do it because I'm worth it. Hang in there you will get to the point where junk food has no appeal. It all about the best fuel for your body. And nothing taste as good as being health feels.

Review by timothy (decatur, GA)

Free at last

I love weight watchers. I tried so many different diets and pills and could never stick to anything. Weight Watchers lets me EAT. The points take time to get used to and food ideas as well, but one month later I am 13 pounds slimmer. Weight Watchers realy does work.

Review by Paula (Modesto , CA)

Weight Loss

Buy far this is the best way to change your eating habits. So far I have lost 20 pounds and I feel good about myself again. My clothes feel looser and I'm looking forward to christmas wearing a nice dress. Most important I can go to work and feel good in my work clothes and not feel guily about how I look and how others see me as a person. I have 20 more pounds to go and I know weight watchers will get me there and keep me there for the rest of my life. This is so balanced it's perfect for me!!! Thank you!!!I love it!!! Connie, Port Jefferson Station, NY

Review by connie (biscardi, NY)


Hello people. The problem is that everybody want to lose weight in one day. Do not be ignorant. Losing weight is another job. Weight watchers is Wonderful! You need to learn to WATCH AND COUNT everything that you put in your mouth. Yes, the math is boring, but is more depressing the numbers in a scale. I have lost 27 pounds in 13 weeks. I am learning that everything that I put in my mouth havs calories. Stop dreaming about losing weight magicaly. HAHAHAHA!

Review by victoria (miami, FL)

Great plan for life

I have tried for 20 years to lose weight. I thought I had a chemical problem because nothing worked. I have lost 42 pounds on Weight Watchers since the beginning of August. It works. I don\\\\\\\'t feel deprived. I like that you can work with your points to eat whatever you want. If I could lose weight on this plan, anyone could. The site has lots of information and recipes.

Review by Debbie jacob (Mansfield, OH)


I have lost over 95 lbs. in 10 months with 10 more to go. Never could have done it without ww. I have learned a healthy lifestyle of eating which is what ww is all about. Spend points on junk or eat fruits & veggies for min. points. 1st holiday season when I could eat everything I wanted & still lost weight. I know I am in good hands with ww cuz everyone working there has been where I was when I started. Thanks ww.

Review by Monica (Silvis, IL)

It's almost like...

...Weight Watchers is TOO easy. I keep double and triple checking my points because it seems almost too good to be true. Sure it takes a bit of work at first, but once you get into the swing of the points system, it couldn't be easier. I tried WW once before and had the same attitude as Vincent because I just didn't feel like putting in the effort to lose weight. I wanted it to come off by snapping my fingers. Now, however, I've had it with my extra weight. I don't feel good about myself. When I reach my goal weight, I know I'll feel good about myself because I shed the pounds the right way and didn't give up. And that makes me a bad-a$$ ;)

Review by Stephanie (Salem, MA)


I joined 2002. Lost 90lbs in 1 yr. Been Lifetime for 7 yrs. Recently gained 10 lbs numerous surgeries in the past 6 months. Time to get back into it to get the weight off! Wish me luck,, lol

Review by Barbara (Glen Gardner, NJ)

Weight Watchers is the BEST!

I started WW two weeks ago and have already lost 5 lbs, I love it, it is so easy and fun actually. Can't wait to meet my first goal, with Weight Watchers I feel the best I have ever felt.

Review by Emily (Seattle, WA)

Change today!

I started WW 14 months ago needing over 200 pounds to lose. This was about the 100th time I joined some type of weight loss. This time it worked. I didn't plan on attending, I was driving home from work and next thing I knew I was in the parking lot of where a WW was. I walked in, it was not a meeting time, but I signed up anyway! So far I have lost 120 pounds. Was it easy, not at first, but now, it's a lifestyle, not a diet! For those of you who have huge amounts to lose, just start! If you can get past two months of really following the program, the rest is easy. After two months, it was habit, not diet. Do one little thing at a time, don't try to do everything at once. I didn't even think of any type of exercise until six months later. My excercise is easy, walk when I can instead of get in the car. If I have 5 extra minutes at work, walk around the office, get a pedometer! It makes it fun. GO TO THE MEETINGS! Even if you gained 20 pounds that week, GO TO THE MEETINGS, if you don't that 20 will turn into 100! One thing I learned from my meetings is don't do something you can't do for the rest of your life. For me, I love pizza, and I know I can give it up for a months, but not for the rest of my life, so I eat pizza every week without fail, and enjoy the heck out of it. That's why I didn't join a gym, I know I can't do that for the rest of my life, but walking, I can do! JUST START and give it 2 months! It will work!

Review by Anonymous (city, NY)

weight loss

It takes discipline to lose weight. And you have to be ready mentally to start any weight loss program. Weight Watchers is the ONLY one that has worked for me. If you choose to count points, then do it. It helps keep me on track. In a little over a month, I've lost 17 pounds. I was tired of being FAT and UNHEALTHY. Come on people, give it a works.

Review by Joetta (Moweaqua , IL)

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